Planing To Get Pregnant

Planning to Get Pregnant:-

5 Things to do before you get pregnant

Check your weight management: – Before planning to get pregnant, you must take care your own weight management planning. Being overweight or very underweight not only reduces the chances of conception and your planning to get pregnant steps. However, if you do conceive, weight problems can increase the risk of pregnancy complications. So it is crucial steps for mother-to-be to manage their own weight management. If you are planning to get pregnant, remember to lose some weights, be sure you do it slowly and sensibly, even if it means putting off conception for another couple of months. If you are not sure on the losing weight programs, always seek for professional advice regarding on your weight management schedule.

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Cut back some caffeine: –  When you are planning to get pregnant, there is no need to cut down your consumption of Nescafe coffee if you are planning for pregnancy. Most experts believe that up to two cups of caffeinated coffee in a day is fine. If you are heavy Nescafe coffee drinker, it would be smart to reduce some caffeine. Some studies have linked downing too much of the stuff to lowered fertility. Therefore, know our drinking habbit before you get pregnant.

Quick Smoking: –  While you are planning to get pregnant, did you know that smoking can not only interfere with fertility but also cause your eggs to age? That’s right – a 30-year-old smoker’s eggs act more like 40-year-old eggs, as a results it would make your conception more difficult and it might also leads to miscarriage. Kicking the habit now is not only the best gift you can give your baby-to-be but it can make it more likely that you will conceive that baby-to-be during your pregnancy planning stage.

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Do not pressure yourself: – Keep in mind that it takes an average of six month for a normal healthy 25-year-old woman to conceive and longer for women who are older. If you are planning to get pregnant with your partner, do not pressure yourself. Besides, it may also take longer if your partner is older. So don’t stress yourself if baby magic does not happen right away. Just keep on having fun trying, and give yourself at least six months before consulting your practitioner and if needed, a fertility specialist. If you are over 35-year-old, you may want to check in with your practitioner after three months trying to conceive.

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Start counting your menstrual cycle: –Become familiar with your monthly cycle and learn the signs of ovulation cycle so you can time and plan the intercourse at the right timing. Keeping track of when you have sex would also help you pinpoint conception later on which will make calculating an estimated date of delivery easier. Make sure before you are planning to get pregnant always get yourself a reliable ovulation calculator kit such as Clearblue Ovulation Test kit to plan your ovulation.

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