Clearblue Ovulation Test

by Clearblue Ovulation Test on January 1, 2011

Clearblue Ovulation Test

Planning to get pregnant? Why not try out the clearblue ovulation test to plan your next stage of parenthood. The purpose of clearblue ovulation test is to assist you to predict and outline when your next ovulation period is or in lay man term as ovulation predictor kit or stream ovulation test.

Countless women when planning to get pregnant will always face some challenges on when is the best time to conceive. The main problem face is to predict when will be your next ovulation cycle which this involves the release of eggs from your ovaries. According to the gynecologist opinion, any woman during their ovulation cycle their body temperature will slightly different. To test it, you may try to use BBT (Basal body temperature) to check. In addition, if you would like to further examine your ovulation cycle and level of fertility, you may use clearblue ovulation test.

Why do we need to use clearblue ovulation test? Most women always count wrongly on their length of menstruation cycle.  Base on studies, on average most women would have average length of menstrual cycle of 28 days. However, some cycle can varies as it depends on the individual body and health, some women would have longer length of menstrual cycle of 32 day, 40 days and so on. Moreover, if those that take birth control pills, you may find that you might have higher difficulties to conceive. Therefore, by using the clearblue ovulation test, it would help you to pinpoint when you are about to ovulate and thus you will have higher chance of getting pregnant.

How does the clearblue ovulation test works? Before your next ovulation cycle, the women body eventually will produce more luteinizing hormones (LH) than normal days. When the eggs become mature, the LH level would be high or “surge” and the mature egg is released. If you use the clearblue ovulation test to test, you will get positive reading and thus increase your chance of getting pregnant. So to add some sparks between you and your partner.

You will have higher chance of getting pregnant if you can plan and predict your next ovulation cycle. However, do not always rely 100% on the LH surge reading because some category women would have multiple LH surge in a month. Therefore, other than using the clearblue ovulation test, you may consider use BBT to predict your ovulation.  It would be best that you seek advice from the pharmacists or your personal gynecologist for help if you are still unsure with the results show on clearblue ovulation test.

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